Composition sketches

Samma van klaarbergen compositionpageas1
My most recent one. using photo material here and there to quicken the process and get a bit of texture in there. I'm most likely to start working on the middle one
Samma van klaarbergen compositionpageas2
Also a recent one I started for a collaboration with a great 3D artist. Still working on this
Samma van klaarbergen compositionpageas3
illustrations for a psychological thriller game i've been working on a while back.
Samma van klaarbergen compositionpageas4
I wanted some more action and dynamics in my portfolio.

I love doing these fast and loose composition pages. I don't always pick one to render but it sure is a lot of fun to do!
I commonly start bigger pieces of work this way. I then pick one and use different color combinations on them before I render them completely.